Free Hearing Evaluations

Let us perform a comprehensive hearing evaluation.  This includes a series of painless tests to determine things such as whether you have hearing loss, the type of hearing loss, presence of wax, and your speech discrimination.  Call today for your free hearing evaluation.

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Cleaning and Service

Already have hearing aids?  Let us clean and service them for you.  We work with most major brands.

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Custom Hearing Protection

We make high quality ear molds for Noise Protection, Musical Monitors, Swim Plugs and more.

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Better Hearing Leads to a Better Life!

It’s true, when you struggle with loss of hearing, it can affect many parts of your life.  I’m dedicated to helping adults who struggle with hearing difficulties solve their hearing problems and getting their lives back.  I welcome the opportunity to work with you to improve your hearing…and your life!

Adam Wentling

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Let’s do it

To take the first step towards better hearing, simply call 717.435.5694 and schedule your FREE Hearing Evaluation today.

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