Hearing Aid Programming

It’s not uncommon to have your hearing aid adjusted during the course of it’s useful life. We typically retest our patients every year and half or so in order to have the most recent information regarding their hearing. When we have the most current hearing test, we can feed that information to the hearing aid software, which in turn makes the appropriate adjustments. So the cats out of the bag! Yes the software does a lot of the work, however, everybody is different. For some, the applied settings are too loud, for some they are too soft. It might be too “tinny” or your own voice may echo. Whatever the case may be, we pride ourselves on our ability to take what your telling us, and translating that into the proper adjustment for optimal comfort and audibility. Again, we can program most major brands, however there some national brands that have their hearing aids “locked”, which means they can only be programmed with their proprietary software. These include, but probably are not limited to: Miracle Ear, Beltone, NuEar, Coscto Brand, Sams Club Brand, AGX. This is, in my opinion, an important consideration when buying hearing aids.

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