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Hearing aids come in a variety of shapes and sizes. In addition to the physical appearance of the gadget, there are several technology levels available from basic up through premium. Most of the hearing device manufacturers group their hearing aids into approximately 5 levels or grades.

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Signia hearing aids

Invisible in Canal

Signia CIC hearing aids

Completely in Canal

Insio Charge and Go AX hearing aids

In the Canal

Signia half shell ITE hearing aid

In the Ear - Half Shell
(ITE or Half Shell)

Signia full shell ITE hearing aid

In the Ear - Full Shell
(ITE or Full Shell)

Grey set of Signia hearing aids

Behind the Ear (BTE) Hearing Aids

Starting at $899

First, let's look at the different styles of hearing aids in our first group. There are two main types:
To recap the different types:
  • Super Power BTE
  • Standard BTE
  • Minifit or Slim tube BTE
  • Receiver in Canal/Receiver in the Ear (RIC or RITE)
You may also hear the term “Open Fit” used to describe the last two mentioned.
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Hearing aids with charger

Custom Hearing Aids

(Ear Mold Impression)

Starting at $999

The second group of hearing aids, the In-The-Ear style, is also commonly referred to as custom hearing equipment because these devices require creating an ear mold impression in order to ensure a custom fit.
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Now that you have an understanding of the different types of hearing aid types, lets take a closer look at the different technology levels. As shown above, most manufacturers break down their technology levels into approximately 5 levels, so lets use that model for describing the range of choices. Please keep in mind that the name of each level here represents generic terminology, therefore, it may vary from company to company.


After creating the ear mold impressions (described under the Service section) we can create high quality earmolds for many different situations. Obviously, our most common application is for hearing devices, but we are also a big proponent of hearing protection. Different environments require different types and levels of attenuation for optimal comfort and safety. These include “noise breaker” type plugs which allow normal levels of sound to enter the ear, but as soon as sound levels reach unsafe levels a diaphram closes to compress the sound. We also work with manufacturers of high quality musician ear plugs and monitors, shooting plugs, airplane noise, and swim plugs. Custom ear molds start at $60 per ear.
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